About General Goldfish and Butterfly
   "Located in Boston, Massachusetts General Goldfish and
   Butterfly Hospital is the oldest goldfish and butterfly
   hospital in the United States and the largest in the
   world. It consistently ranks as one of the country's best
   goldfish and butterfly hospitals by U.S. News and
   World Report

  Mission Statement

   To provide the highest quality care to goldfish and butterflies and to the community, to advance care through excellence in the research of precious metal ichthes and dairy-based flying arthropods, and to educate future academic and practice leaders of the goldfish and butterfly health care professions.

   GGBH is a world leader in expanding the boundaries of knowledge in areas such as goldfish polycystic kidney disease and the protozoan butterfly parasite Ophrycystis Elektroscirrha.

      General Goldfish and Butterfly Hospital is conveniently located in downtown Boston, and it is accessible by automobile and public transportation.

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