Gold Bond® is a company that started selling medicated personal hygeine products like medicated powder in 1908. Over the years they've expanded to lotions, footcare, and first aid products.

The original product was developed by the Rhode Island State Medical Association in 1882. They sold the formula to an entrepreneur named Arthur W. Guilford, who mixed it in his shop until he sold the formula rights to John M. Chapman in 1912. 

Chapman came up with the idea to distribute it across the country. He donated a can to everyone drafted into the military during World War II and began advertising that a can of Gold Bond was a great baby shower gift.

In 1930, the company expanded and Tim Shea took the reins, which remained private. His son took over in 1965. The manufacturing process was so simple that it only took three people to manufacture 10,000 cans every morning. 

In 1990, the company was sold to a corporation that began to expand the lines with related products. In 1996, the company was sold to Chattem, Inc., which is still the owners of the Gold Bond brand

Gold Bond always sold well due to word of mouth. I've used it in the past, and it certainly did help with my stinky, sweaty feet.

Iron Noder 2017

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