At a voodoo shop on a small side street of Bourbon I found a pack of smokes decorated with a red flame and red letters which proclaimed the brand name of said smokes to be "Go To Hell." In my professional estimation, these things tasted like roasted, stewed camel swampnut leavins.

However: Go To Hell brand cigarettes have one clear advantage over the other contenders... the pack has cool stuff written on it!
Including but not limited too:
  1. I like 'em and I'm going to smoke 'em.
  2. Cheaper than psychiatry, better than a nervous breakdown
  3. The Cigarette with a message for the smoking critics.

    All in all, buckets of fun. I still have the pack today and back when I still smoked I would just unload the fresh roadtar beauties into the Go To Hell outer-pack.

    Because nothing says "pick me up, guy in hell!"

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