Globalscape is the software company behind the very popular piece of software, CuteFTP. They have, as many other companies, looked to higher goals than selling shareware programs. They now try to package their software as a set (CuteFTP, CuteHTML, and CuteMX among them). Their software gets disabled heavily if you do not register, and still has banner ads, which may concern privacy advocates for many reasons.

All in all, i feel that CuteFTP is excellent Windows software, especially since it would be quite tedious to do all of the transferring and resuming by hand. For Macintosh, I'd suggest Fetch or Anarchie Pro.

CuteMX has caused quite a stir, along with other file sharing networks such as Gnutella and Napster. This underused, and mostly overlooked network is doing quite well, as it is still mostly kept out of the eye of prying companies, who would seek to shut it down.

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