A Glass Cheque (sometimes pronounced gla-es cheque in some parts of Scotland) is a glass vessel for storing liquids and holds around 750ml of juice.

It is sold by the the BARR soft drinks company with a variety of drinks including Irn Bru, Pineapple-ade, Lemonade, Limeade and Barr's Cola to name but a few.

Its actual origin could stem from the milkbottle which would be left on the door step once empty and be recycled.

Originally sold with a traditional cork jammed in the top to stop the contents escaping this later changed to a metal screw top. There was however no tamper proof device meaning someone could alter the drink without anyone knowing before purchase.

This was changed sometime in the mid-nineties to a plastic screw top the same design you see on 2ltr bottles of carbonated juice. But after public uproar was changed to a new metal top with a tamper proof band that splits away from the lid when opened which is the current design

Many people will argue that when Irn Bru is drank straight from the bottle it tastes better than when taken from a plastic bottle or from draught.

Costing in the region of 70 - 80 pence per bottle, each bottle has a refund value of 20p when retuned to a shop that stocks the bottles. Most shops will allow you to spend up to the value of however many bottles you have but will rarely refund for hard cash.

All in all there is no disadvantage from having a Glass Cheque. However one small issue is the magnifying properties of glass. As a result on a warm sunny day the contents of the bottle are heated far quicker that the same volume in its plastic counterpart. If the temperature is raised to far it can result in the drink being rendered unpalatable or even hot enough to burn the lips of the drinker!!!

Usually used by NEDS to save up and buy a 10 "Deck" of smokes and a packet of Rizla.

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