Recently translated by Keith Sanborn, this is the second film by Rene Vienet, who made the classic "Can Dialectics Break Bricks?". Instead of detourning kung-fu film, this time he hijacks some japanese porn, which is already pretty out-there, ala Russ Meyer (the original film is the 1973 "Horror High School Women - Violent Lynch Classroom" by Norifumi Suzuki). Vienet adds hilarious and biting dialogue, full of situationist theory, marxism, critical theory, semiotics, and more.

Here's a great example of some dialogue, between the Director of the girl's prison and his secretary as they engage in a heavy makeout session:

him: "Your signifier is the same as your signified. Just be sure to wash out your structure."

her: "I will, as soon as I shine my Saussures."

I highly recommend this film, if you can find it - it's not distributed, at least yet, so your best bet is if you live in a large cultural center where Craig Baldwin, or some other friend of Sanborn's, might show up (a Google search shows that Craig screened it in Austin a few weeks ago).

By the way, "Can Dialectics Break Bricks" is much easier to find, at least in the States (and, I assume, France), so at least rent that if you haven't seen it already. Both Vienet films are testament to how powerful the simple, non-collage form of detournement - just adding new dialog to a complete work - can be.

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