Girl Avengers (2000). Short Film / Web Series. Directed by Stacy Keanan.

In 1999 Girl Avengers was cast with young actors. Lead Rebekah Bayard was represented by Sovereign Management. Young Performers Management (YPM) "sent 8 kids in to audition for Girl Avengers. Five of the 8 had callbacks and three were cast as principals..." Another three were cast as extras. Filming began with Keanan directing. Girl Avengers was completed in Summer 2000 for Producewell.

"In the summer of 2000 she (Stacy Keanan) made her directorial début with Girl Avengers, a short film for Producewell."
- J.Cast Productions, "Stacy Keanan Biography" (2000) ¹

Rebekah Bayard .......... Girl Avenger ²
Whitney Kim .......... Girl Avenger ³
David Henrie .......... bully ³
Noah Makela .......... bullied kid ³
Serene Sahar .......... extra ³
Samantha Argueta .......... extra ³
Rebecca Makela ..........extra ³
(partial cast list)

'..."THE GIRL AVENGERS", a new internet series directed by Stacy Keanan...' ³

Web Television

*Stacy Keanan's directorial debut Girl Avengers has been described as an "internet series³" (web series), a "movie," "film," and a "short film.¹" (Perhaps the pilot short of an intended web series was completed in 2000. Or perhaps a short movie was completed and edited into web shorts and then Girl Avengers was released as a downloadable web serial.)

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³ "Pilot Season 2000." - Young Performers Management (YPM) Summer 1999 Newsletter.

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