Gimme Shelter is a Rolling Stones track containing Keith Richards' best studio work and most ably played live by the band when Mick Taylor was the second guitar. Check out the bootlegs from 1972 and 1973! The synchronicity!

Concert documentary directed by Albert and David Maysles and released in 1970. Depicts the events leading up to the Rolling Stones' free concert at Altamount Speedway in California in December, 1969. About 300,000 people attended, and the organizers made the mistake of putting the Hell's Angels in charge of security. The Angels spent the concert beating kids up, and are even caught on camera stabbing a black kid to death.

The film is less a celebration of the Stones' music and more a grim, frightening exploration of the dark side of the 1960s, intercutting music, violence, and the attempts by Mick Jagger and Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane also performed that day) to get people to calm down. If Woodstock marked the high point of the Summer of Love, Altamount was the low point, indicating for some that the ideals of the 1960s were finally dead.

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