Local indie band based in Tampa, Florida. Their style is described on their Myspace page as 'shoegaze/experimental', and their sound manages to combine the romping senselessness of Sonic Youth with a haunting, maudlin folkish air. As of the authorship of this node, the personnel of the band included:

  • J. Conner– vocals, guitar
  • Nikki Navarro– guitar, backup vocals
  • N. Schleif– guitar, lap steel, banjo
  • Sandi Streppone– bass
  • Ryann Slauson– drums

Up and coming in the Tampa indie scene, the band has released one album, 'i am secretary' and one EP, 'it's not a monster', since their founding at or around 2005. At the time of this noding, the band is working on a new album, which as of yet is unnamed. They are also planning out a tour throughout the East Coast and the Midwest, having hitherto ventured only as far as Little Havana in Miami.

This band reminds me of all I left behind from a melancholy, maladjusted youth misspent in the swamps of Central Florida.

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