Ghetto Monopoly is one of the most dangerous games known to man.

The setup is exactly the same as the regular Monopoly board game. The banker distributes the following money to each player:

2 each of 500s, 100s, and 50s
5 each of 10s, 5s, and 1s
6 each of 20s

The more players, the more fun you’ll have. I recommend at least four, but no more than seven. Things start to get a little too crazy once that number is reached.

Now, the exciting part. After it is decided who will go first, it is a rule that all hell breaks loose. Cheating is not frowned upon; in fact, it is highly encouraged. If no one notices, it doesn’t even count as cheating. There are five basic rules to play and master ghetto monopoly by:

  1. The Mediterranean/Baltic Avenue combination is priceless; do anything to obtain this monopoly.
  2. If no one’s looking, it never happened. If your neighbor is busy rolling the dice, feel free to help yourself to his pile of cash. Just make sure he doesn’t notice.
  3. Being in jail is a social situation, and you must do anything to visit your fellow players when they’re locked up. Sometimes it’s necessary to ignore what the dice say.
  4. Always demand more money. If you land on Go, you’re entitled to four hundred dollars at least. If you roll a two, you get one each of every bill from the bank. Other laws can be created as the game progresses. Just be creative.
  5. Faster! Faster! Faster! The faster the game, the better. Feel free to snatch the dice off the board before the person before you has even had a chance to move. This increases your chances to win by approximately 58%.

With new rules in mind, test your skills at Ghetto Monopoly today! Not sold in stores. Yet.

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