How I Got Started: Marist College offers an introductory course on fencing, limited mostly to foil. My junior year, I needed a single elective credit, and had always been interested in trying fencing, so I pulled the proverbial "Eh, what the hell" and signed up. I took to it almost immediately, and resolved to continue after the class was completed.

Since Then: After the class ended that semester, I joined the Marist fencing team and continued training with them, doing foil. After several months of this, our coach took me aside and said "Getzburg (well, not really, but you get the idea), I really think you should be doing epée." My response? Again, the proverbial "Eh, what the hell." Having worked with our epée squad for some time now, I am forced to wonder how I ever enjoyed foil in the first place. :-) Now that the academic year is winding to a close, I'm looking into places to train in my native Rhode Island. Hopefully, by the time I return in the fall, the poor bastards won't know what hit them. :-)

Well, I'm back fencing at Marist for, unfortunately, my last year. The party ends when I graduate and hopefully find a club to fence with back home. I'm still an epéeist of IMHO moderate raw skill, if not finesse. (My point control sucks a donkey's ass.) I'll soon my attending my first competition at Sacred Heart University in CT. Wish me luck. :-D

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