Angle on the top of a ferris wheel at a crowded carnival.

			VOICE (O.S.)
		Stay close, Tony, so you don't get lost!

Two people walk away from a boy wearing a #9 football jersey.  He
rushes over to a shooting gallery.

		Hey look at that!  I can do that!  Hey, 
		Mike, where are ya?  MIKE!!!!!

Tony panics, despite being separated for no more than three seconds time, 
and frantically runs through the carnival. He smacks right into Alpine.

		Hey, kid, take it easy!

		But I lost my brother and--

		Stay calm!  Think!  Where did you see him last?
		Go back there!  If he doesn't come back, ask a policeman
		for help!

Mike and his friend appear.

		Hey, it's Alpine, and my scared brother!

		It's not scary being lost if you don't lose your head!  
		Now I know!

		And knowing is half the battle!

Another G.I. Joe Public Service Announcement.

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