One of the funniest things ever said on SNL. From Will Ferrell's first episode on the show, the skit where Will Ferrell plays an angry dad at a barbeque telling his kids to get off the shed.
Includes lines such as:

"Your ass and the palm of my hand will have a meeting unless you get off the shed!"
"I will punch you in the face unless you get off the shed right now!"

Will Ferrell is of course famous for yelling at his kids to "GET OFF THE DAMN SHED!" much to the chagrin of the other guests at his barbecue.

He has also been known to yell at his son to "STAY ON THE DAMN BAG!" at his Little League game, and to indignantly declare "I drive a DODGE STRATUS!" at the dinner table. In the earlier sketches his wife Nancy Walls appeared as well, shouting such memorable phrases as "I will shove you back into my womb if you don't GET OFF THE DAMN SHED!"

Man, that was a funny sketch.

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