George Reese, also known as Descartes of Borg, was for a brief span of time one of the preeminent LPC developers in the world. After a brief stint with IgorMUD, Descartes went on to implement the Nightmare MUDlib, the first complete and widely available MUDlib built for the MudOS driver. The Nightmare MUDlib was released for public consumption in January of 1993, and is still one of the more common bases for LPMUDs in operation even though he has removed it from distribution.

In 1995, George decided to rebuild the Nightmare MUDlib to clean it up significantly. As part of this project, he created the Foundation II MUDlib. This library was meant to be a bare-bones system that provided nothing more than an environment in which to develop LPC, making it suitable for any application. From the base of Foundation II, George developed the most recent version of the Nightmare MUDlib, Nightmare IV. He released that version briefly, but in 1996 decided to remove all versions of the Nightmare MUDlib from distribution. All MUDs currently using it could continue to do so, but no new MUDs based on the Nightmare MUDlib could be built.

Other notable projects that George Reese has worked on include:

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