Dr. Jack Kevorkian's lawyer. Unsuccessfully ran for governor of Michigan last year. Used a very tasteless radio ad campaign that featured an elderly black women (supposedly his childhood nanny) speaking about how much Fieger cared for minorities, and compared his opponent, Gov. John Engler, with Adolf Hitler. The campaign backfired and set most of the minority population against him.

Currently representing the family of a man killed by security guards outside of the Dearborn Lord & Taylor store.
If you live in Michigan, you've no doubt heard his loudmouthed, overly sarcastic voice before.

Geoffery Fieger gained his popularity successfully defending Jack Kevorkian against a vaguely defined to nonexistant law involving assisted suicide in Michigan. In these cases, he proved himself to be quite the asshole, being as rude, loud, and offensive as humanly possible.

He later decided to run for governor against John Engler. Any Michigander could have told you what that meant: months of abusive, demeaning campaigning against Engler. He was defeated, thankfully.

Now, any time anyone in Michigan hears someone on the news utter the infamous words "...will be defended by lawyer Geoffery Fieger...", the two magic words will be heard simultaneously all over the state...

"Oh, GOD..."

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