An astoundingly brilliant english author. Writer of such soon-to-be-classics as Footsucker and Still life with Volkswagens. Most of his works have something to do with obsession. In Footsucker we see the world through the eyes of a foot fetishist, in Still Life with Volkswagens we are introduced to characters who obsess over Volkswagen Beetles (or their destruction). Nicholson's characters are all delightfully mal-adjusted, which I think is why many readers can relate to his work so well. We all have our little "quirks", Mr. Nicholson uses these quirks to breathe life into his characters. The quirks and obessesions are brought to an almost exagerated level allowing us to laugh at ourselves.
In Footsucker he brings us inside the mind of a foot fetishist and allows us to see through his eyes and hear his thoughts. We are able to sympathise with the fetishist and after reading the book one is left with a profoundly different view of this type of fetishism, perhaps even more accepting of it.

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