I'm not Generation X. I barely remember Charles and Diana getting married. I don't watch Seinfeld. I don't stick rigidly to Levis, Nike and Coke. I loved the Eighties, but not because of The Breakfast Club, Acid House and A Flock of Seagulls (love for all those came to me in the Nineties) - because of Transformers, Gauntlet and BMX.

I'm not Generation Y. I wasn't born in the Eighties. I am old enough to remember Challenger and lying awake scared about World War III and global apocalypse. And I'm not targeted 'in the demo' for Mountain Dew, Skechers and Pokemon.

And lo, He took all those born between 1975 and 1981 and He spake unto them "You are neither of Generation X or Y. Therefore, I shall compartmentalize you Generation X Point Five.

I feel lost between two giant social and marketing demographics. My teenage years started at the dawn of the Nineties, and come the Millennium I was expected to grow up and get a job. In 1990, the Gen X in me expected me to be past my teenage angst (I wasn't even a teenager). And in the year 2000, the Gen Y in me expected me to be just ready to party, get wasted and empathise with Limp Bizkit.

We are caught in the middle. And we demand our own entry in the generation encyclopaedia. Generation X Point Five: Stuck In The Middle With You. Oh, that's blown it, hasn't it? :)

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