GLAD is a New England (US) based organization which has worked effectively to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, HIV status or gender identity and expression. The organization was founded in 1978 and has an impressive record of effecting change in both law and policy in the region.

In February of 2002 GLAD won its case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which effectively struck down the Commonwealth's Sodomy laws, banning police and prosecutors from using these antiquated statutes to target gay, lesbian or other groups. (A sodomy charge had been used by police to effectively close a S&M club after a long-running political and court battle had failed to do so).

The SJC decision constituted the first major win in a decade long effort to obtain legislative repeal in the Massachusetts Senate which is effectively controlled by notoriously conservative speaker Thomas Finneran.

GLAD is presently (2002) active in efforts to secure marital equality for gay and lesbian couples in Massachusetts.


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