In The Wheel of Time, a Prince of the Sword, son of Morgase Trakand and brother to Elayne Trakand.

Sworn to protect Elayne, her blood before his, her life before his, Gawyn is a prince of Andor. He "took" that oath when he was barely able to walk, and Gareth Bryne had to explain him later what it meant. Nevertheless, Gawyn takes his obligation seriously.

He is also a Warder-in-training in White Tower and leader of Younglings, a group of young Warders. He played important part in the rebellion of White Tower, leading Younglings to fight in the side of real Tower, led by (usurper, some say) Elaida do'Avriny a'Roihan.

Gawyn is a handsome man, though often shadowed by his angel-faced brother Galad Damodred. He is madly in love with Egwene al'Vere, but kept that secret as he noticed his brother had some interest for her too. In a trek in Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene was accidentally pulled into his dream, revealing her his feelings. It is unclear whether the feeling was hers or if it was something reflected from Gawyn, but later on Egwene felt strong attraction towards him also.

Gawyn hates Rand al'Thor. He is aware that Rand is Dragon Reborn, but doesn't care. First reason for this is that he believes Rand has killed Morgase. Secondly, he believes Rand is threatening Egwene.

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