Gateway Country is a different type of retail outlet in the United States where Gateway computers are sold.

What makes it different? You can actually walk into their store and sit down at any of their computers on display. You are allowed to do anything with the computer, and they trust that you will not format their hard drives or anything else destructive. It's kind of like taking a new car for a test drive but without the salesman sitting next to you. And they don't pressure you into buying anything, but they will assist you and answer any questions you may have. If you decide you want to purchase a computer, they will let you customize your dream machine to your liking.

Gateway Country sells desktop computers, business computers, laptops, and monitors. At the store in Greenwood, Indiana, they sell some pretty sweet XGA LCD monitors.

They might sell other stuff at these stores, but I also noticed they have a training center where I guess you can take classes on how to use a computer.

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