Also known as The Nectar of the Gods.

Iced tea made by Galliker's Dairy, based in Johnstown, PA. It's distributed throughout western Pennsylvania, as well as parts of Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, mainly through Sheetz Convenience Stores; thus providing the only semblance of active commerce in all of central Pennsylvania. If you're ever travelling through the area, and see it for sale (which isn't usually too hard, unless you never leave the turnpike), you're only cheating yourself if you pass it up.

Legend has it that Lou Galliker traded his soul to Old Scratch himself for the recipe. That still doesn't stop otherwise conservative churches from serving it at picnics.

You can get Galliker's Iced Tea in several flavours: Original (Lemon), Diet, Decaf, Peach, Raspberry, Lime, Green Tea, and most recently, southern-style Sweet Tea. Unless you've a health condition, only the Original should be consumed (but that's just my opinion, being a traditionalist). It also comes in a variety of sizes up to a gallon; interestingly, due to packaging formats, a one-pint (16-fl. oz.) plastic bottle often costs more than a half-gallon (32-fl. oz.) cardboard carton, which strangely, often ends up being slightly better tasting.

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