Founded in 1981, Gay Male S&M Activists (GMSMA) is a political, social, and educational non-profit organization for gay men who are interested in safe, sane, and consensual S&M.

Their mission statement, from their website:

 GMSMA is a not-for-profit organization of gay men who are seriously
      interested in safe, sane, and consensual s/m. Our purpose is to help 
      create a more supportive s/m community for gay men, whether they are 
      just coming out into s/m or are long experienced. 

      Our regular meetings and other activities attempt to build a sense of 
      community by exploring common feelings and concerns. 

      We aim to raise awareness about issues of safety and responsibility, to 
      recover elements of our tradition, and to disseminate the best 
      available medical and technical information about s/m practices. 

      We seek to establish a recognized political presence in the wider gay 
      community in order to combat the prevailing stereotypes and 
      misconceptions about s/m while working with others for the common goals 
      of gay liberation. 

In 1991, its memebership peaked at 501, but they have had over 3,000 members from all across the world since its inception. The organization has pioneered numerous annual fundraisers to assist the gay & lesbian community such as Leather Pride Night and Folsom Street East and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to various causes over the years.

GMSMA has a very political feel to it, and the organization itself does indeed boldly embrace, financially support, and fight for the rights of queer and kinky folk. On its core functioning level, however, its members are more likely to go to events to learn, meet and great meat, and beat.

I highly reccommend that any non-straight kinky men in NYC make it a point to visit at least one GMSMA meeting. I personally would love the chance to belong to an organization that has as much bravado, strength, and camraderie as GMSMA does. Unfortunately, I'm a chick.

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