1. Two characters on the old Andy Griffith television show. They came to Mayberry on at least one occasion, possibly more, to go on a double date with Andy and Barney Fife. Sitcoms being what they are, the date turned wacky, primarily due to the girls' energetically strange personalities.

2. A band from the same mid 1990's Nashville hardcore scene that produced Salida, Spider Virus, and Martian Tourist Trap. This group became known for their absolutely legendary live shows. At the high school that I attended, anyone who had actually seen one of these shows was revered and asked awed questions by his or her peers. On at least one occasion, their male drummer played a show clothed only in a Catholic schoolgirl dress made entirely out of raw bacon. The band often threw bottle rockets into the audience and once boiled a guitar on stage. Like much of the rest of the hardcore scene from that time period, though, this band eventually fell into a pop culture black hole, never to be heard from again.

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