Fuegia Basket was a young girl, about 9 years old, from Tierra del Fuego. She was taken in 1828 to England by the Beagle, a British sailing ship. She and two of her fellow Fuegians, Jemmy Button and York Minster, voyaged back to their homeland in the Beagle with Charles Darwin. The fourth Fuegian, Boat Memory, died in England.

While in England, Fuegia was educated in the catechism, and taught to sew and cook. She was presented at court to King George IV, with Jemmy and York.

The Fuegian tribes are now called the Yamaná. Fuegia Basket's name in her Yamaná was Yok'cushly. The Yama ná were also called the Yagan or the Yahgashagalumoala. Fuegia and Jemmy were both from the Woolya tribe.

From Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle:

Lastly, Fuegia Basket was a nice, modest, reserved young girl, with a rather pleasing but sometimes sullen expression, and very quick in learning anything, especially languages. This she showed in picking up some Portuguese and Spanish, when left on shore for only a short time at Rio de Janeiro and Monte Video, and in her knowledge of English. York Minster was very jealous of any attention paid to her; for it was clear he determined to marry her as soon as they were settled on shore.

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