(note: this was originally posted at www.FuFme.com, but we don't node URLs anymore)

A marvelously executed joke, only given away by the missing pieces of the order form. Fuck-U-Fuck-Me. They specialize in a two-user net.sex hardware solution: male/female genital peripherals that occupy a 5.25-inch drive bay. There was a "male" version (for the ladies, of course) that, well, stuck out, and a "female" version which added a, well, port, to the front of the man's PC. (five and a quarter inches, har har.)

Now, of course, it redirects to the exact same site at http://www.fu-fme.com (instead of fufme.com), which as of this writing (September 9, 2001) seems to have disappeared from the ether.

The software, it seems, remains only for Win95/98/NT. No linux port yet... although some enterprising individual could do something with /dev/sex, I bet.

From their FAQ:

How many users can be involved at the same time?

FuckU-FuckMe is designed for two users only, as it is based on the paradigm of traditional heterosexual intercourse. While FuckU-FuckMe does not object to alternative sexual activities, users should be aware that any use other than described in the manual is at users' own risk.

Can I use FuckU-FuckMe for anal or oral sex?

Certainly! But be sure to set the preferences to oral/anal for best results. Ensure first that these acts are legal in your state. We cannot be held responsible for the legal consequences of extracoital use.

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