Classic old skool gangsta rap from NWA. The song was a huge success, and was banned from tons of stores but sold millions of copies. Brought instant trouble to NWA from police departments and law enforcement agencies all across America. The album (Straight Outta Compton) came out in 1988. This album was precursor to conditions which led to rioting on April 29, 1992 in South Central Los Angeles.

Heres what I think about this song, why it was banned. For a while, the song makes a profound political statement, i.e., the Ice Cube verse. A legitimate complaint about racial profiling/bad police attitudes. It talks about him reacting when confronted, which is controversial, but all he talks about is beating. Then M.C. Ren's verse comes, and its a little less reasonable, but one could see how another could be driven to violence by constant unneeded harrassment. Then Eazy E, the worst rapper (ever!?) has to talk. He ruins the whole point! He talks about the police coming after him for killing people by spraying bullets from an Uzi or AK-47, killing police and running away for fun, and rambles miscellaneously. The song would still probably be banned, but if it was constrained to parts of the Ice Cube/M.C. Ren verses, it'd be far more sympathetic. I wonder if E payed attention to what they were trying to do. Am I the only one who thinks that perhaps if Eazy E were shooting people in tha hood as well as police officers that the police have a legitimate reason to arrest him!?!

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