The alias of a famous old school hacker and credit card thief who was probably better at social engineering than actually hacking. Fry Guy got his alias interestly enough, by acquiring the password to McDonalds' mainframe computers from a McDonalds' manager. Once he was in, he quickly increased the salaries of some of his friends who worked there.

Fry Guy then moved on to credit card scamming. He would request cash advances from Western Union with stolen credit card numbers. As a policy, Western Union would call the number on the credit card to double-check the identity of the caller. Fry Guy would re-route the calls to his phone - effectively making him the card owner. Most of this activity took place while he was a meager 16 years old.

On July 22, 1990 as his parents watched, Fry Guy was arrested by the Secret Service. On September 14, 1990 Fry Guy was sentenced to 400 hours community service and 44 months of probation. All in all, Fry Guy had made over $6,000 off of Western Union alone.

Fry Guy is also partly blamed for letting authorities and the phone companies know that there were hackers listening in on conversations, setting up their own phone numbers and accounts, and re-routing calls. He had actually called up the phone company threatening that the Legion of Doom would crash the phone system. Not surprisingly, this is what led to his arrest and later the war on the Legion of Doom.

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