A suite written by American composer Randall Thompson. Between June 15 and July 7, 1959, Thompson took seven of Robert Frost's poems and arranged them beautifully for men's, women's, and mixed voices with piano, band, or orchestra accompaniment. It was commissioned for the two-hundreth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Amherst, Massachusetts. The pieces included are:

  1. The Road Not Taken (SATB Chorus)
  2. The Pasture (TBB Chorus)
  3. Come In (SAA Chorus)
  4. The Telephone (SAA/TTBB)
  5. A Girl's Garden (SAA Chorus)
  6. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (TBB Chorus)
  7. Choose Something Like a Star (SATB or SSAA Chorus)

The work was first performed as part of the Bicentennial Commemoration, sung by the Bicentennial Chorus and conducted by the composer, on October 18, 1959. Robert Frost was there. Rumor has it that after the final note of the final song had been played, he stood up in the back of the theater and said, "Sing that again."

Source: The score of "Choose Something Like a Star"

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