This 1984 debut release from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is often perceived as a transitional album between Cave's edgier material with The Birthday Party and themes that continue in his work to this day. The earlier work seems to be characterised by an absence of redemption; the singer is not looking for transcendence but rather for escape from a world that is disgusting.

*These bonus tracks vary between different releases of the album. This album is handled by Mute records.

The title track is an energetic, frenetic story of obsession that descends into madness; in other words standard Nick Cave fare. Also appears on The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. A great live version of this can be found on Live Seeds, and also in Wim Wenders' film Der Himmel Ueber Berlin/Wings of Desire - the whole band is there, playing The Carny and From Her to Eternity while characters in the movie attend the concert.

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