Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) - Weasello Rating: {>>>>} (Woohoo!) {{ Prequel | Sequel }}
Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

Jason Injury Count: Jason is injured, for the first time, within the first 15 minutes of the movie! He is shot with a paintball - which may sound devastating, but Jason shockingly kept standing. He is also shot 5 times with a pistol, 3 times with a shotgun, another 5 times with a pistol, 5 rock-bashes to the head, being inside an RV when it flips on its side and catches fire, is drowned and choked with a chain, and is further punished by a boat's propeller to the face. Yep, this is one of the first movies in which Jason is actually shot.

Bodycount: 17 (11 Male, 6 Female)

Plot Outline: Jason did, in all truthfulness, die in the previous movie. Tommy, our young-murdering-psycho, has fully reformed and is no longer evil, no matter what the last 10 minutes of "A New Beginning" would have you believe. Tommy does, however, dig up Jason's body and let it get struck by lightning. The rest of the movie is Frankensteinian History.

Tommy attempts, throughout the movie, to return Jason to his original death-place to keep him dead "forevermore." I must say that this movie is the funniest of (at least) the first 8 movies, and is a definate watch for anyone even remotely interested in Comedy/Horror.

Interesting Notes:
  • On the origional VHS version of the series produced by Paramount Pictures, this is the first movie to have any sort of previews before the movie.
  • This is also the first movie of the series where Jason rips through someone's torso to tear out a body part. Odd that this never happened sooner... But this movie did follow Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by two years.
  • The Jason Card Game! As introduced but not quite finished in the movie, the Jason card game is played as follows:
    • The Jack of Spades is Jason.
    • All other face cards are camp counsellors.
    • All the face cards (including Jason) are organized into 8 piles, or "cabins."
    • The object of the game is to find out which cabin Jason is in with as few counsellors dying as possible! Now this game sounds a lot like random luck, but I'm sure it can become an awesome drinking game. No further instructions were given in the movie, as they were interupted by screaming death.
  • Jason sports a fashionable utility belt in this movie.
  • If nothing else, watch this movie to see the LASER mounted on the cop's pistol. It's the largest pistol-mounted LASER I've seen. If memory serves, it's bigger than the gun it is mounted on.
  • Jason made a double-kill (two people at once) in the first movie. But in this movie, Jason decapitates three at once! +200 points!
Fun Quotes!
  • "What did you want to be when you grew up?" - Little girl hiding under bed with little boy
Lead roles: Directed by: Tom McLoughlin

Writing credits: Tom McLoughlin

Tagline: Kill or be killed!
Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.

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