10:30ish one cool winter night
I was driving alone.
Only Marble Slab is open that late
So i stopped to get a cone.
The raver guy was off that night,
But I still got Sweet Cream and gummy bears.
I paid the guy and took my cone,
And sat alone in one of the chairs.
No friends, no girl, the air was limp
TOTAL silence, noone said a thing.
the only sound was the fluorescent lights,
and their buzz was deaffening.
Trapped in a void.
In stasis aone with my ice cream.
I had to escape this sterile silence
Before I started to scream.
As I bolted through the door
And back out into my city,
I halted and looked straight ahead.
Westheimer had never been so pretty.
Ice cream in hand I walked into the parking lot.
I stood there and took in the scene.
The traffic, the lights, the sounds, the night:
It was all so Zen, so serene.
I sat on the hood of my car, eating my ice-cream,
Thinking, Watcing the cars fly by.
Until I was jerked from my thoughts
When some woman said "Hey honey, he looks high"

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