Frenchglen (unincorporated, pop. 30) is a tiny hamlet in remote but beautiful Eastern Oregon. It is situated within Harney County. Frenchglen was founded in 1872 by the rancher Pete French as headquarters for the French-Glen Livestock Company. The company became hugely successful, eventually acquiring over 150,000 acres. Pete French was later murdered in 1897.

Accomodations and Services

Lodging can be had at the quiant and historic Frenchglen Hotel. If you are interested in camping, there are also several basic BLM camps in the area. Gas and food are available at a store right next to the hotel.

Scenic Attraction

Frenchglen is just a few miles west of the lovely Steens Mountain, which is more of a small mountain range. It rises to nearly 10,000 feet from the surrounding desert. The relatively wet Steens contrasts sharply from the surrounding dry high desert. Steens Mountain has excellent hiking and sightseeing opportunities. It can be accessed by any number of dirt roads coming off of Highway 205.

To the east of Steens you can also see the desolate Alvord Desert. This is a large salt playa in the rain shadow of Steens. Rainfall here is less than three inches. The undeveloped Alvord Hot Springs is right by here. The Alvord Desert can be accessed south of Frenchglen off of Highway 205 on Fields-Denio road.

How to Get to Frenchglen

Frenchglen can be accessed from Portland by travelling about 300 miles east on Highway 20 from Salem until Burns. At Burns, take Highway 205 South. Or, from Winnemucca, NV in the South, take Highway 140 north until Denio Junction, NV. Then go on Highway 292 north, which becomes Highway 205 and leads north to Frenchglen.

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