Freedom's Challenge, An Ace/Putnam Book, Copyright 1998 by Anne McCaffrey, ISBN: 0-399-14397-1, Sequel to: Freedom's Landing, and Freedom's Choice.

In Freedom's Challenge, the third book in Anne McCaffrey's Freedom series, the humans have decided to fight back. The folks on Botany, after having been captured on earth, held slaves on Barevi, then transported to the Farmers planet have had enough. They learn that their people on earth are fighting back, and they themselves feel secure with the Farmers bubble shielding them from Catteni revenge. Led by Zainal (the rogue Catteni), Kris Bjornsen, and Chuck Mitford the colonists set out to liberate earth.

In the mean time, the Mentat Ix (who has subsumed Zainals brother, Lenvec) has decided that the destruction of Botany is his foremost priority. He seeks revenge on the Botany colonists for resisting the Eosi domination, and agains Zainal in particular for denying him his chosen Emassi.

When Zainals' sons fall ill, the colonists discover the ultimate weapon for destroying the Eosi. By teaming up with many Emassi, who are also wishing to shake the Eosi domination, the Botany colonists are able to finally end the destruction of earth and many other planets.

Ms. McCaffrey's third book in this series follows the traditions she set in the beginning. Not only is the story an easy, entertaining read, she has set several sub-plots to keep the reader occupied. Ms. McCaffrey again gives the reader pause to think about what could be. She also challanges our views on many social issues.

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