American conductor and his orchestra and vocal chorus, popular first in the talkies of the 1920s (including the first musical motion picture, Syncopation, in 1929), and then on the radio in the 1930s through the 1950s. The group recorded 100 albums and 1500 songs, and toured together for 60 years. An archive of his music library, 10,000 recordings, 7600 clippings, and 9000 photographs is housed at Pennsylvania State University.

It should be mentioned that Fred Waring is the man behind the blender (though, apparently Mr. Waring originally marketed it as the Waring blendor). Though he is often credited with the invention of the kitchen tool, he only provided the venture capital and publicity for the invention.

All the same, it's another proud achievement for the Keystone State. Hail, Fred Waring! Hail, Pennsylvania!

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