A race of aliens who, while not indigenous to Icefall, are quite fond of the city Neverness. These tremendously tall characters have three distinct characteristics:

  • Furry

  • Four different brains, effectively

  • Two, ahem, penises
  • The only noteworthy thing about the Fravashi's characteristics is that their brains are constantly working (in more than the sense that our brains always "work"). The "brains" are really just four hemispheres of the same brain, but seem to work somewhat independently. When all four hemispheres stop working, the Fravashi dies. Fravashi live to a considerable age, and spend most of their time with a philosophy similar to Buddhism. They stress the ridding of all worldviews, and espouse only seeing the world as it truly is, naked of any prejudice.

    Yes, these creatures are all part of the universe created by David Zindell.

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