Franskbrød (French Bread) is a traditional Danish kind of bread - see also Surdejsrugbrød.

The recipe is as follows (will amount to one large bread):

Warm the milk until it is about 35°C and put in the margarine and the yeast. Stir the mix, and then add salt and sugar, then add most of the flour (save a bit for kneading) - make sure the dough isn't too wet or dry (it shouldn't stick to your fingers). Put the last flour on the table & knead the dough 'till it is firm and smooth.

Put the dough back in the bowl and put a cloth over, letting it rise to twice it's size (look at it once in a while). Shape it into a bread and let it rise for 10 more minutes. Cut lines in the top of the bread and swab it with milk or whipped egg, then bake the bread in 25 minutes at 200°C.

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