A professional wrestling term, used to describe a wrestling maneuver or move.

Invented, or at least popularized by the Steiner Brothers, this move is one of those moves that require quite a bit of cooperation from the victim.

To apply:

  • Victim is standing, preferably groggy.
  • You stand in front of him, or run at him.
  • You jump up at him, foot first, horizontally, belly up.
  • Get the victim's head between your lower legs.
  • Now, pivot head down towards the victim's legs, whipping the victim's head downwards also. This requires some help from the victim, who kind of flips forward.
  • The rest of the victim comes down, a bit behind where you were originally standing.

This maneuver looks really impressive when done properly. Variations include doing it off the top rope.

It's usually so fast, I've never seen a reversal or counter.

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