One of the great yé-yé girls of the sixties. Catchy, French pop!

Isabelle Gall (this is her real name) was born in Paris, France in 1947. When she was 15 she released her first e.p., "Ne sois pas si bête," which sold 200,000 copies in France alone. Probably her most popular song is "Poupée de cire, poupée de son," released in 1965 and composed by the late Serge Gainsbourg. She was very popular in France and Germany throughout the sixties.

France Gall has continued to release music into the nineties, but heed: her later music ain't catchy sixties pop.

Albums of note are:
Poupée de Son (1965)
Vive la France Gall (1968)
1968 (1968)

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