From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 11. Fowl a la Tartare

Take a fine fowl, turn in the legs as usual, then cut it in two; take the bones off from the back, cut off the breast bones, break those of the legs, flatten the fowl with the back of your knife, and season it with salt and pepper; then dip it into clarified butter, and next into crumbs of bread, equally on all sides. Now broil it up to a fine color on a slow fire, that it may be done thoroughly. Thrust your knife into it to ascertain if it is well done; it requires an hour, or at least three-quarters, to be done properly. This must be a fowl of desserte, but yet very white. Begin by taking off the breast. Then take the fleshy part of a second nice white roast fowl, which you cut into small square piece of an equal size; you also cut some tongue the same; put these slices of fowl and tongue into a pretty thick B├ęchamel. Keep your fowl very hot. The moment you are going to serve it, pour the mince inside the body of the fowl. Thin slices of tongue, cut of the shape of cocks'-combs, should be put round the mince on the top of the fowl ; serve under it a ragout a l'Allemande, and poached eggs on the top of the mince.

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