The "Fourchette" is also a relatively rare female genital piercing of the posterior fourchette that's glossary defines as a "rear labial piercing". There seems to be some debate in the question/answer department (QOD) about the type of piercing/jewellery (curved barbell vs surface piercing) appropriate for this procedure. A high rejection rate is also mentioned.

SOURCES photograpshs of female genitalia piercings (search on "fourchette" these are questions answered by the body modification ezine volunteers)

thanks to mkb for pointing out the "Fourchette" piercing and guiding me in finding references.

Four`chette" (fOOr`shet"), n. [F., dim. of fourche. See Fork.]


A table fork.

2. (Anat.)


A small fold of membrane, connecting the labia in the posterior part of the vulva.


The wishbone or furculum of birds.


The frog of the hoof of the horse and allied animals.

3. (Surg.)

An instrument used to raise and support the tongue during the cutting of the frænum.

4. (Glove Making)

The forked piece between two adjacent fingers, to which the front and back portions are sewed. Knight.


© Webster 1913

Four`chette" (?), n. (Card Playing)

The combination of the card immediately above and the one immediately below a given card.


© Webster 1913

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