Only an hour left to go,
But I've been here for seven already, you know;
I've drank so much coffee I can't sit still
But there's no such thing as drinking your fill
In an office "environment", coffee's all you got,
So you drink too much and pee a lot.

About every two hours I get to go downstairs
Light up a smoke and breathe the fresh air;
But there's always a secretary with too much perfume
Who then covers my breaktime with gossip and gloom,
And I have to listen to her burgoise views
On money and makeup and what's in the news.

But in an hour I'll get to go home
Where I probably should have been all along
And then it'll take me till midnight or one
To feel that I've now gotten something real done.
I'm only a mercenary, but I'll tell you what I can--
Eight hours a day is too much
To give to the Man.

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