One of the most powerful and famous Shelby Ford Mustangs of all time, the GT500 KR (which stood for "King Of The Road") is probably one of the most desireable 'Stangs ever and definitely one of the heavyweights of the American muscle car scene. With a massive 7L supercharged V8 engine (the GT500 KR used the new Ford Cobra Jet GT engine) generating a then powerful 248kW, the GT500 KR embodied the essence of the American muscle car - straight-line, foot to the floor, pedal to the medal power and plenty of it. It is claimed that the 335bhp power figure quoted by Shelby was actually an understatement made to lower insurance costs and that the real power figure is closer to 450bhp - not too shabby for 1968. The GT 500 KR has also appeared in the movie Gone In 60 Seconds, where it was modified with a new, chunkier front spoiler and nitrous oxide and was affectionately known as Eleanor.

1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 KR


Cost: €4,553 (US$4,472) (1968 price - today's price is probably in the hundreds of thousands if you can find one)
Engine: 7L front-mounted supercharged V8
Power: 249.8kW (335bhp) @ 5600rpm
Torque: 596.6nm (440ft-lbs) @ 3400rpm
Drive: RWD
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Body: 2-door coupe
Size (LWH): 4663/1801/1316mm (183.6/70.9/51.8in)
Curb Weight: 1491kg (3287lbs)


Acceleration: 0-60mph in 6.5s, 0-100mph in 15.1s
1/4 Mile: 14.8s
Top Speed: 209.2kph (130mph)

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