For your prized fox, we would guarantee you
as sure as the libido of a band of gypsies
that it will return safely from daily wild western runaways
into the streets with instinct, rattling trash cans
suckling on roots filled with green hydrogen blood
donned in a sly trench coat with map folded in pocket

And for your prized fox, we would help you to
procure a toy with which you and your fox could play
it is called need and it is the strongest incentive
for your fox to return and to stay--clutching
its paws on the mantelpiece, tense with patience
to receive, because nothing hurts more than hunger

And for your prized fox, we would hope that you're
prepared to be overwhelmed by the honesty
the bruised and the unrelatable arrest warrant-evading
field-burning unstoppable lord diamond tyrant, turned
young and beautiful and green and California and
suffering from bone spurs so quietly it makes you wonder

And for your prized fox, we would only ask for
an extra two days for us to enjoy the hunt
and for you to consider to whom we should deliver
the fox by the time we have taken our turns
of it oceaning us, surrounding us with pure,
unaccountable, and inescapable, impossible


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