The Flying Jibberoons!

They come on wings of death!

And through the open window speed, with baited hooks and noxious breath,

Singing in insanity, their eyes bewitched by crystal meth!

The Jibberoons!

The Jabberers!

The unforgiving smatterers!

From prayer undone, and song unsung,

they rise and scream from twisted lungs!

They block the moon and mock the sun,

They dare wolf-whistle everyone!

The Jibberoons!

The Jitterers!

The Unrepentant critterers!

Scream and rant and howl and rage,

Tear out every bible page,

lock your door and say a prayer,

The Jibberoons are everywhere!


They spit and stink and curse your name,

They say that everyone's to blame,

They say there will be no more morning.

And so I write these words of warning --

The Jibberoons!

Prepare your soul!

The Jiberoons!

It's icy cold,

Their glare!

Look there!



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