An unlikely sounding band, with a bizarre name, King Missile (Dog Fly Religion) nee King Missile marked their debut with this 1987 EP on Shimmy Disc. Fluting On The Hump was a bizarre blend of alternative pop songs, spoken word poetry, and a tiny bit of avant-garde tunes. The EP features John S. Hall on vocals, Dogbowl (Stephen Tunney) on guitar, Alex DeLaszlo on harmonicas, and R.B. Korbet on percussion. Fluting On The Hump also contains one the two King Missile songs not performed by John S. Hall, Heavy Holy Man which is recited by R.B. Korbet. (The second is Nietzsche Sneezes on the Happy 14 1/2 EP.)

Fluting On The Hump is extremely out of print, but was added as bonus tracks on the CD Version of Mystical Shit, minus the instrumental track "Pygmies And Drums". Compared to They, King Missile (Dog Fly Religion)'s only full-length album, Fluting On The Hump is more experimental, and strange. It also has some of King Missile's most classic tracks, such as Sensitive Artist and Take Stuff From Work.


  1. Lou
  2. At Dave's
  3. Muffy
  4. Take Stuff From Work
  5. Sensitive Artist
  6. Wuss
  7. Heavy Holy Man
  8. Pygmies And Drums (Original EP only)
  9. Fluting On The Hump
  10. Dick
  11. That Old Dog

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