Flowers Never Cry is actually the name of 2 albums from The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band. The first incarnation was released in 1967. It was the band's debut album. The name was also given to the 1992 CD compilation release of their two albums (the other being Clip On Put On Book).

The tracklist of the CD compilation is given here, as the first ten tracks are identical to the original release, and tracks 11 to 22 are a copy of their later album.

CD Tracklist:

  1. Factory Endeavour
  2. Early Dawn
  3. Antagonizing Friend
  4. Barnyard Philosophy
  5. Flowers Never Cry
  6. Geometry Alley
  7. October Sunshine
  8. Le Vent
  9. Publicly Inclined (To Blow Her Mind)
  10. Yesterday Girl
  11. The M.A.C.B Theme
  12. Sunbeams And Rainbows
  13. I Think I'll Just Lie Here And Die
  14. Gaberdene Square
  15. Ah Ha Ha Ha
  16. Krystalyze
  17. Today
  18. Yellow Room
  19. Authors
  20. It's Strange
  21. Only Time
  22. Oatmeal Quicksand

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