Flossie and the Unicorns are a performance art-ish band. They have only one CD, which is the soundtrack to a really fucked up puppet show. Pete gave this to me to listen to, and I’m attempting to listen to this at work, and I’m feeling myself going slowly insane. This is ultra lo-fi stuff, with the voices run through machines to make them really high and fast sounding, kind of like The Chipmunks. The music itself is really manic and disjointed, and definitely sounds drug influenced. Its wacky and insane and somewhat fun.

Flossie and the Unicorns – LMNOP
© 199? (probably 98 according to Pete) Skin Graft/Rhinestone Records


  1. free guitar lessons for animals
  2. the men with a million records
  3. Miss Foxyface
  4. chewing gum
  5. celebrity biography
  6. Jr. troopers are go
  7. underwater dance club
  8. The Halloween Puppet Show

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