An incredibly beautifully done flight simulator from the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios. Instead of seeking to model the entire world, like Microsoft Flight Simulator does, it models only the San Francisco bay area (in version 2) and the Pacific Northwest (in version 3). The result? Staggeringly beautiful scenery.

It's also one of the only flight simulators to include realistic air traffic control, including ground, tower, and approach.

They had quite a bit of fun with that portion of the game. The following are things that Flight Unlimited III's air traffic control (or other pilots in the game) has had occasion to say to me:

  • can I throw my flashlight at this lunatic?
  • guess that flying Snail has the right of way...
  • We've the flying farmer in sight, I'll stay clear of this bozo.
  • We've the loose wingnut in sight. We'll maintain separation.
  • We've the propellerhead in sight. We'll give way.
  • Hey bird face, you just cut me off.
  • hey you up there - you have ailerons?
  • HEY YOU! You almost took off some of my paint.
  • if ya get any closer, I'll be able to reach out and slug ya one!
  • if you don't stop buzzing the tower, I'll have you shot down.
  • I got a lock on the target, request permission to take him out.
  • I'll have your license revoked. And then shredded. And used as confetti!
  • I'm going to kick your ass if you keep trying to hit me.
  • sorry, I didn't hear you. I was watching a Dukes of Hazzard rerun.
  • so you want to play eh?? My Grandfather was the RED BARON!
  • thanks for making me spill my coffee, you can leave my pattern now.
  • That's it, I'm going to launch an AIM9 at the offender.
  • we're visual on the perplexed pilot.
  • we've got clueless in sight, we'll give way.
  • we've got peabrain in sight, we'll give way.
  • what in tarnation are you doing? what's da matta witch you?

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