Five Minute Ride is a melodic emo/core band from El Dorado County, California. It formed in the winter of 2001, when a drummer and a bass guitarist met, each bringing with them a guitarist. They knew they weren't complete however, and so searched for a singer. One day they found one in a coffee shop in downtown Placerville, and so Five Minute Ride was born.

Five Minute Ride later signed a record deal with 720 Records. They currently do shows mainly in Northern California, in the general area of Sacramento. They have released two demo CDs and are working on an actual release CD, the title of which is currently planned as "The Proof That Depression is a Toxin."

Five Minute Ride mainly does shows at the Shingle Springs Community Center and in various Sacramento-area venues, occasionally going so far out as Laguna and Fresno. There is usually a large turnout for Five Minute Ride concerts.

The title of their debut album has been changed to "Bathroom Walls... Lipstick Secrets." The release is planned for October 2003.

On August 10, 2003 the lead guitarist, Alex Poole, died of an unknown bacterial infection. Many people attended the memorial ceremony and the memorial concert. The recording for the debut album had just recently been finished. The debut album will be released as planned.

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