Five Dimes is part game, part sexual fantasy involving elements of bondage without the use of restraints. In order to play, you will need another consenting adult, five dimes (or coins of similar size), a blindfold (optional) and a setting conducive to the matters at hand.

First, set the mood using whatever methods you both enjoy. Dim the lights, turn on some romantic music, light candles. Whatever gets you going. Instruct your partner to stand in the center of the room, clear of any obstructive objects. At this time, it may also be good to have them remove their shirt since doing so later would be tricky.

If a blindfold is involved in your scene, affix it to your partner now. Gently raise their arms above their head until their hands are touching above the top of their head. Position their hands so that each fingertip is touching the same fingertip of the opposite hand, and slide a dime between each. Now instruct them, "Three simple rules: your arms don't drop below the top of your head, you don't talk, and if a dime hits the floor...everything stops."

Now it's your job to make certain they don't want the game to end. Use your imagination. I find the game exciting because it does capture that feeling of vulnerability and powerlessness, but safe because the submissive partner never truly relinquishes control. Ending the scene is as simple as moving their hands apart.

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